The Energy
Enhancement System

Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) is a technology that creates an enhanced energy field. EESystem generates several bioactive energy fields that improve life, including “scalar waves”.

It produces morphogenic energy fields that can support healing. Scalar waves of vases existed. They are well known in astrophysics, geology and hydrodynamics. A scalar wave is malleable as a nonlinear wave of the fifth dimension. Three-dimensional natural laws do not bind a scalar wave. So, scalar waves float independently and generate themselves. They are unrestricted and capable of passing through solid matter. When the human body enters the scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual explodes.

This catalyzes the body-mind-soul complex to purr into a more optimal state. Cells in the human body, when functioning at their maximum health potential, move between 70-90 millivolts. The disease and aging slows down when cell energy drops below this range. Each cell has a crystal structure that can hold a charge. Nonlinear (scalar) waves are buried by the matrix children through the crystalline structures in the duck cell. These crystalline structures are able to hit the ball. This charge will start the process of summing the millivolt number of the cell and regenerating the cell. As cells recharge, toxins begin to be released. Research shows that exposure to scalar particles can also repair DNA.

This technology provides us with the perfect fuel for our body, improves circulation, oxygenation and boosts mental energy. At this level, the body can be rejuvenated, restored and balanced.